• Astoria Pastry Shop, Belleair Bluffs, FL
    I decided I needed a coffee one afternoon while running errands. Astoria Pastry Shop is tucked away amidst some smaller shops in Belleair Bluffs. It took me one drive by and a u-turn to find it but I was glad I did! I sat outside in their small courtyard and enjoyed the solitude and sugar.
  • Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co., Winter Park, FL
    This was always the image I had in my head when I became a ‘writer.’ I’m sitting outside a nice coffee house. When I became a ‘writer,’ I would sit in casual coffee cafes and tea houses, smartly writing away. My fingers would be flying over the keyboard and other patrons would look over enviously
  • Feeling Empty…and it’s Wonderful!
    I’m writing this post sitting outside on a deck at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. I have a cup of coffee beside me, everyone else is inside asleep and I am soooooo relaxed. I had thought this post would be about inspiration (and there may be one of those later), because a great deal of my
  • The Seesaw: Attempting to Balance Life
    Ah…that elusive word…Balance. The Holy Grail of our modern existence. We have to do so much, we want to do so much, we need to do so much. How do we balance it all? I headed back out into the workforce a few weeks ago. With the move, I lost all my students. I’ve explored teaching option here in Virginia and